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Student Dress Code
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Saturday, August 18, 2012
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From the 2016-2017 Jackson County Student Handbook


The Board has the responsibility to maintain an appropriate atmosphere conducive to learning. All students are expected to dress neatly and in a manner that is appropriate and reflects selfrespect and decency. The following are items of clothing or fashion which will NOT be worn in the school:

1. Hats, stocking caps, bandanas, scarves, hairnets and sunglasses. Exceptions are protective hats or headgear for Career Technical classes.

2. Distracting hairstyles or make up Hair must be neat, clean, and of length that the eyes are visible. Hair dyed unnatural colors or unnaturally colored make-up is not acceptable.

3. Shirt and shoes should be worn at all times and all visible clothing must meet dress code requirements and be modest and inoffensive (must not expose the anatomy). This includes the following: a. Shirts, skirts, or shorts which reveal undergarments or are distracting b. Shorts not reaching mid-thigh length when seated c. Any garment worn over tights/leggings not reaching mid-thigh when seated d. Pants with huge legs, tie-up pants or pants that reveal undergarments (must cover the pelvic girdle) e. Clothes that bare the midriff f. No clothing with holes above mid-thigh when seated g. Halter, cropped, tube tops, spaghetti straps, tie-up blouses– tank tops or muscle shirts h. Fish net or see-through clothing of any type

4. Clothing with writing across the buttocks

5. Clothing or personal items with vulgar, obscene or controversial wording or pictures This includes clothing depicting the following: a. alcohol – drugs – tobacco (including electronic cigarettes) b. death c. sexual messages or innuendoes

6. Long overcoats (trench coats)

7. Body piercing jewelry(with the exception of earrings); chains or jewelry that could be deemed dangerous

8. Pajamas or house shoes

9. Visible offensive tattoos or body art

10. Shoes with rollers or made for rollers

11. Toeless shoes in Career Technical classes

The principal, assistant principal, or designee will deem appropriate clothing or appearance. When a student continues to ignore the dress code, he/she shall be subject to disciplinary action.


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