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Attendance Policy
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Saturday, August 18, 2012
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From the 2016-2017 Jackson County Student Handbook


The Jackson County Board of Education believes attendance is a key factor in student achievement. Thus, any school absence represents a loss to the student. Regular attendance is essential for each student’s progress in the instructional program. It is the responsibility of the parent/ guardian to make sure that their children arrive on time each day at school.


In accordance with state law, only the following absences will be considered excused absences, provided that in each instance parental confirmation has been received stating the reason for the absence: ¨ illness ¨ death in immediate family ¨ inclement weather which would be dangerous to the life or health of the pupil as determined by the principal ¨ legal quarantine or emergency condition as determined by the Superintendent or principal ¨ prior permission of principal upon request of parent/guardian (i.e. participation in school sponsored activities)


Absence for reasons other than those defined above will be considered as unexcused. Parents will be required to explain in writing all absences within two days following the absence. Failure to do so will result in the absence being classified as unexcused. It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure the note or fax is received at school.


If a student is absent for any excused reason as defined above, the student will be allowed to make up all major assignments and other work missed during said absence(s) at a time agreeable to the teacher(s). Teachers will not be required to reteach lessons, but students will be given a reasonable opportunity to learn the lessons missed due to excused absences. At the secondary level: The student will be responsible for contacting the teacher(s) to make arrangements to complete missed assignments. At the elementary level: The parent/guardian will be responsible for arranging to acquire the necessary missed assignments. Time limit: Arrangements to acquire missed assignments must be made within five days after the student returns to school from an excused absence.


Teachers will NOT provide make-up work or examinations for students absent for unexcused reasons. Teachers, at their discretion, may require students absent for unexcused reasons to make up homework, class work, etc., on a non-credit basis in order to help such students maintain academic pace. Teachers will not assign zeroes to students absent for unexcused reasons on an automatic basis; zeroes may be assigned to such students only when other classmates receive grades for homework, examinations, recitation, etc.

Truancy is the unlawful absence from school. In accordance with the Jackson County Board of Education Policy Handbook, the parent/guardian is responsible for requiring any student under his/her control or charge to attend school. If students do not attend school, the following criteria will be used:
1. First Unexcused Absence (warning) The Parent/Guardian will be notified of the unexcused absence and a request will be made for a written excuse. Notification process will be determined by the school administration.

2. Third Unexcused Absence (warning) The Parent/ Guardian will be notified in writing of the unexcused days absent. A copy of Alabama’s compulsory school attendance laws will be provided to the parent and they should be advised of the procedures that shall be followed in the event that other unexcused absences occur.

3. Fifth Unexcused Absence (conference) The Parent/Guardian will be required to attend a meeting at the local school with the Truancy Officer or his/her designee. Failure to attend this meeting may result in a home visit by the Truancy Officer and a representative from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

4. Seventh Unexcused Absence-Court The Parent/Guardian will be referred to the Early Warning Truancy Prevention Program at the Juvenile Court in Scottsboro, Alabama. Failure to appear before the Court will result in a Complaint/petition being filed in the Juvenile Court System.

5. Ten Excused Absences that are questionable, will require an administrative conference with the Parent/Guardian. Parent notes will be accepted for three days per semester. Any additional days absent must be verified by a professional in order for absences to be excused.

Grades K -6 Five unexcused tardies*, five unexcused checkouts**, or any combination of unexcused tardies and unexcused checkouts which total five will result in a parent conference at the Jackson County Board of Education to discuss this truancy issue with the Attendance Officer. If the parent’s fail to attend this conference, Saturday School may be assigned to the K-6 students. 

Grades 7-12 Five unexcused tardies*, five unexcused checkouts**, or any combination of unexcused tardies and unexcused checkouts which total five will result in the student being referred to Saturday School. Students who fail to appear at Saturday School will be referred to Alternative School for three days and will be required to attend Saturday School the following Saturday. If a student receives a 6th unexcused tardy, unexcused check-out, or a total of six unexcused tardies and unexcused check-outs combined during the school year, he/she will be referred back to Saturday school for a period of one day for each unexcused tardy or unexcused check-out.

A student will only be referred to Saturday School three times during the school year. The student will then be sent to the Alternative School as determined by the principal.

Students with head lice may be excused up to three days per year not per occurrence. If a student is not free of lice within the three day period, the student will be considered truant and the parent/guardian subject to prosecution.

*Tardies are defined as arriving after school has started, or arriving late to any class.

**Checkouts are defined as leaving school and/or class any time during the school day.


When checking out a student, the parent or guardian should come to the office and follow the school’s approved checkout plan. Parents should not interrupt a class session by going directly to the classroom. Office personnel will locate the student. If school officials can make a positive identification that the parent is giving permission for a student to leave, the student may check out. Students must be given permission in the office to check out. Students should not be checked out early during last period just to avoid traffic.

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