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Woodville High School Library

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            Welcome to the Woodville School Library!

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday 7:40-2:30 (during regular school hours)



  • Flexible scheduling for students in grades PreK-12
  • Weekly classes for elementary students
  • Individal instruction and reading guidance
  • Internet accessible computers for student use (for research, online classes, word processing, class projects, taking online tests, etc.)
  • Computer lab for group instruction
  • Distance learning equipment and technology for group instruction
  • Automated card catalog and circulation system
  • Meeting facilities for students, staff, parents, and community needs


  • Over 10,000 books
  • Reference section
  • Collection of media materials including instructional DVD/VHS tapes
  • Alabama Virtual Library
  • Accelerated Reader Enterprise



Woodville School Library

            The Woodville School Library Media Center provides all students and staff with information needed to achieve and succeed in the classroom and abroad, by allowing individuals their right to intellectual freedom.   The media center provides intellectual access to information and ideas, provides physical access to information, and provides access to all resources.

                Intellectual access to information and ideas for 21st Century learning is provided to students by providing access to online and print materials in the library media center. Students and teachers have access to computers for online needs and programs, promethean boards, iPads, DVDs and videos, and the latest fiction and nonfiction books, to support their curriculum.

                The library media center is situated on the campus to allow physical access for elementary, middle, and high school students. The library is divided into fiction, nonfiction, easy and reference sections to provide easy access to print materials. There are also a total of thirty computers in the library media center to accommodate many students.

               The doors are now locked for security purposes, but access to all materials archived and current is available to students and staff at all times.  In the 2014-15 school year 11,492 books and other media materials were checked out to students and staff.  Last year, the number dropped to 7,406.




 What's Happening in the library?

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Boxtops for Education:

We collect Boxtops for Education!  Money earned from boxtops is used to purchase new books and necessities for the library.