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  Mission Statement  

Helping all students achieve and succeed.


  About The School  

Purpose and Beliefs

Helping All Students Achieve and Succeed
Helping All Students Achieve and Succeed


Woodville High School's purpose is to ensure an equal opportunity for all students to obtain a positive, effective, and innovative education.  The partnership of our school with students, teachers, families, and the community provides a safe environment for student growth and success in the classroom and beyond.



- All students can learn and achieve success.

-Students are valued individuals with unique physical, social, emotional, cultural, and intellectual needs.

-Students have unique talents and learning abilities that require a variety of instructional strategies and activities to promote success.

-Students should learn to work cooperatively and to think critically and creatively to solve problems.

-The development of character and social skills is an important part of education and enables students to succeed in life.

-Schools should provide a safe, clean, caring environment conducive to learning.

-Curricular and program decisions must promote academic achievement and should be research-based and student-centered.

-Technology, as both a teaching and learning tool, should be integrated throughout the curriculum and is essential in today's world.

-An effective education requires active participation and cooperation from students, family, staff, and community.

-Employees have a responsibility to model moral behavior, a strong work ethic, and a commitment to academic achievement.

-Quality, continuous professional development is essential to instructional improvement.

Woodville High School will provide a safe, clean, caring environment in which all students can achieve academic goals, develop character and social skills, discover their unique talents, and develop those skills and talents to their fullest potential enabling them to succeed in life.